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As the leader in stored power solutions in Sri Lanka, we are redefining technology, empowering our customers, and meeting the needs of a changing Technology.


  • Manufactured in Europe, Poland
  • ISO 9000 CertifiedIECEx, SQ Certification
  • Lifespan of between 1250 -1500 cycles

02 Year Warranty

Decades of experience, renowned throughout the world under the former Oldham and Varta brands, enables EnerSys® to promote Hawker® as the trade mark of robust and highly cost-effective solutions precisely matching all manner of motive power requirements and applications. Vast knowledge and expertise in lead-acid batteries of all technologies (flooded, low maintenance and maintenance free) gives us the unmatched ability to provide products, systems and services that offer optimal performance and service life.

Our philosophy drives a program of continuous improvements in performance and technical features. The recently developed energy solutions: NexSys®, IRONCLAD® and new range of modular HF chargers, NexSys®, Lifetech®, Life iQ™ and LifeSpeed iQ™ , have defined new benefits for our customers: faster recharge, more machine availability, lower operating and investment costs, reduced carbon footprint.

EnerSys also has many years experience in the total concept of battery charging rooms. From initial design to full installation and project management we can provide a bespoke system which is space efficient, cost effective, compliant with the latest safety regulations – and tailored to meet the customer’s individual requirements.


HAWKER makes a large range of batteries, from lead acid flooded batteries through to maintenance free gel batteries, all manufactured under their own brand. HAWKER offers a large amount of experience and technical knowledge which over the years, has created a loyal customer base. HAWKER consistently uses this expertise to innovate new products into its catalogue that is relied upon by a number of different industries.

EnerSys – Hawker supports any business that relies on motive power energy. With strategically located manufacturing plants in France, Germany and Poland along with assembly facilities in Italy, Spain and Czech Republic Hawker deliver maximum efficiency and rapid responsiveness, built on a culture of continuous improvement and added value for its business partners

Decades of long experience in battery and charger manufacturing – renowned worldwide under the former Oldham and Varta brands – has firmly established EnerSys – Hawker, now with the unique Hawker brand, at the forefront of motive power technology.

Hawker’s latest developments provide full-service solutions – including batteries and chargers, with the ability to communicate with each other, extending to full fleet management systems with the potential for e-maintenance.

The Hawker EnerSys package also includes the ‘start to finish’, design, engineering and installation of battery charging rooms and comprehensive product and systems training for maintenance personnel. Our international sales and service network ensures rapid response and total aftersales support for all its customers.

Always highly receptive to its customers’ requirements EnerSys – Hawker provides energy packs for all applications: from pallet trucks, counterbalanced trucks, aerial working platforms, automated guided vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines, to locotractors, road vehicles or even utilities.



HAWKER Battery Applications

HAWKER Traction batteries are ideal for all types of electrical applications such as forklift trucks, locomotives, floor cleaning machines, carriage lighting, electric barges, ground handling equipment etc. the list goes on.
Sealed HAWKER Gel batteries are produced in VRGLA Gel technology (Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries with electrolyte in the form of gel) according to EN 60254-2 standard.
They can be used in all kinds of electrical appliances like: forklift trucks, electric road machines, cleaning machines, etc.
Due to its high operational safety and high degree of environmental readiness the HAWKER Gel battery is particularly suitable for applications in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and similar industries.
The main characteristics are; they are maintenance free with extremely low gassing during operation which prevents electrolyte leakage in case of cell damage along with zero contamination or corrosion due to leaking electrolyte.

Battery Rental

At UMPL we have made it simple to have the market leading products, whether it be high energy efficient chargers or high quality, high capacity batteries to keep all your equipment at optimal performance.
By opting for our Battery packages you can maximize efficiencies, reduce health and safety risks to your company by letting us take strain.
We can offer complete batteries in steel trays to suit every type of forklift truck or equipment on the market, we can offer battery and charger packages or just chargers, there are many possibilities. At UMPL we take away the exposure to high capital outlay, increasing your cash flow to invest directly at the heart of your business.

Sri Lanka Distribution of HAWKER Batteries

UMPL is the exclusive distributor for HAWKER Batteries in Sri Lanka.

HAWKER is widely recognized as being one of the highest quality cells on the market. Such is the quality of the Hawker product; many other well-known manufacturers have their own cells built under license by Hawker.
HAWKER high-quality batteries are known worldwide, especially in Europe, Asia, and America.

Batteries and Chargers For rent

Forklift Battery & Charger Rental by UMPL in Sri Lanka

If you rely on industrial batteries and chargers to keep operations ongoing in your facility, you may encounter failure that results in significant downtime. If this happens, trust our experts to offer battery and charger rental services. We have a wide range of rental batteries and chargers to suit different applications. Just call our technicians to come to the rescue and get your business up and running again soonest possible.

Our company specializes in short and long-term forklift battery rental in Sri Lanka. We deliver the required industrial products within just 24 hours. We know how your business is negatively impacted by battery or charger failure. That’s why we make it our business to ensure you get all the assistance needed to keep operations going on smoothly.

When to Rent Batteries and Chargers?

Many of our clients will come to us after their equipment fail and they need to minimize downtime by renting out the necessary products. In other cases, we help clients by providing forklift battery charger rental to cater for an increase in business. If it’s peak season and you need to deliver the best to your customers, getting the extra help you need is a great way to maximize profits. Our rental services allow you secure all the power you need to run all applications at a fraction of the price. You don’t need to source for capital to acquire costly parts and accessories in order to meet seasonal needs. We can help by personalizing rental programs to fit your needs.

Customized Rental and Leasing Programs

UMPL offers exceptional quality batteries and chargers that can be used in your facility to streamline operations without losing any time or money due to failure. We know that equipment fail when you least expect it that’s why our experts are quick to offer the help you need when you need it. Our fleet of rental batteries and chargers is extensive so be rest assured that you’ll find just the right products to suit your needs.
If you have unique needs, we are happy to customize a rental program that’s perfectly suited for you. We have an inventory of the most common sizes of industrial batteries to ensure we meet the needs of different clients. Our payment terms are very flexible. We offer transparent and competitive pricing so expect to pay a reasonable amount for our rental service.

rent forklift battery

Benefits of using our UMPL Battery Rental Scheme

  • Battery / charger package as required by an application
  • Fleet application monitoring system
  • Battery watering as required (water included)
  • Agreed reports on battery/charger fleet condition
  • Covers any size of fleet
  • Fixed weekly / monthly fee
  • Priority Service upon request

Reduce your weekly cost with UMPL battery rental. Why invest in a brand new battery when you can rent for as little as Rs.5,000 per week?
Battery Charger Rental
In today’s highly competitive business environment, it makes sense when deciding on your next forklift battery or charger, to rent in the same way as you can with your car. For this reason, UMPL offers a full range of products to suit your budget.

Real-world Solutions

With UMPL, access to market leading products has been made simple, whether it’s high energy efficient chargers or premium quality, high capacity batteries, we have all you need to maintain your equipment at its optimal performance.
We offer complete batteries in steel trays to suit every type of forklift truck or equipment on the market. In addition, we provide battery and charger or just charger packages, the choice is yours.

Business Efficiency

Through our Battery packages you can maximize company efficiencies and reduce health & safety risks, by letting us take strain.
These options reduce exposure to high capital outlay, increasing your cash flow to invest directly in the heart of your business.

  • Battery/charger package as required by application
  • Fleet application monitoring system
  • Covers any size fleet
  • Fixed weekly / monthly fee
  • Priority Service Call Out


  • Renting batteries and chargers from UMPL is a flexible and risk-free solution.
  • Our Group is Sri Lanka’s largest independent supplier of forklift batteries and chargers.
  • Our services are offered across the entire island through our engineers with a package customized to your needs

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